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Bean bag chair injury

We cannot help but accept that the mere mention of a bean bag makes way for a string of fantasies in our minds; from planning an entire day in it with a book and a cup of coffee by the side to placing one with distinct and quirky prints in the children’s room, the possibilities seem endless. However, the lesser known fact about bean bags is that it is also one of the leading contributors when it comes to causing in-house injuries. The mechanism of a bean bag is almost like an amoeba; the person sitting on it doesn’t have to adjust to its shape, but soon after placing yourself in it, the chair acquires the shape of your body like a protective shield. But, the irony essentially lies in the fact that this characteristic of the bean bag chairs, brought about by the foam beans is what grants them the constituent of danger.

It has been found that in a house, it is mostly the kids who run the danger of causing a mishap from the beanbags and justifiably so. The bean bag is mostly used an efficient hiding spot, a shield or sometimes even as a pillow fort to furnish them with the perfect shape of comfort; but children’s latest obsession with a whole new game has resulted in the calling back of over 2.2 million of these chairs. Lately, kids have started crawling inside the bean bags which often lead them to getting trapped and developing severe injuries; when they lock themselves up inside the bean bag chairs, the absence of air, amalgamated with the foam beans completely mute the cries of the children hence compelling them to helplessly choke. Nevertheless, let us not ignore the fact that the stipulated design of the bean bag chairs are supposed come with closed and disabled zippers, but, this guideline is not mandatory. Several chairs, for instance, the Ace Bayou has two accessible zippers, one of them can be accessed from outside while the other from the inside.

As adults, it becomes easy for us to get acquainted with the niches of these zippers, but for children, even though they find it intriguing to browse through the functions of the zippers, they lack transparent understanding that would allow them to make their way out of this newly-found hiding spot. In cases like these, it is the company that should be held responsible for their idea of designing something that even has the slightest chance of imposing danger, but unfortunately, the bean bag chair injury doesn’t need customers to bring it back to the stores, and moreover, the company is not even generating refunds for the same. Even though two there have been reports of two deaths caused from this solitary feature of the zippers, the recall was not prompted by a lawsuit or attorney at law. This situation also steered away from every prospect of lawsuit because the parents of these children did not seek assistance from an attorney at law.

Now that there are no existing laws that significantly specify the elimination of zippers, all we can hope for is to bring about better days; whenever parents or guardians come across a hazardous situation like this, they must resort to the experience and experience of an attorney at law or throw out the bean bag chairs from the domestic vicinity altogether to encourage a safe environment for their children to grow up in.

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